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Tool Technology Distributors, Inc. can help outfit your shop with any number of metalworking tools and machines. We are official distributors for a host of machinery manufactures including Amada, Marvel, Dake, Eriez, Mirka, Nexjen Technologies, FlexxCool, SmartSkim and more.


Amada Saws

Tool Technology is the Northern California STOCKING distributor of Amada saws and saw blades.

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Amada Marvel Saws

Tool Technology is the Northern California distributor of Amada Marvel saws and Ironworkers.

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Tool Technology is the Northern California distributor of FlexxCool, manufacturers of automated coolant processing - mixing, delivery, concentration control, sump monitoring, and concentrate monitoring.

Are you interested in learning how the FlexxCool system can help you achieve more? Email Us and well help you determine if the FlexxCool system is right for you.

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freddy ecovac

Freddy Ecovac

The Freddy Ecovac operates a continuous cycle of suction, filtration, recycling and discharge, collecting the swarf and solids in a separate interceptor for easy disposal. Since the machine tool can continue to operate, there is no loss of production and the whole cycle is completed in less time than with any competitive product.

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Royal Filtermist Mist Collectors

Low Cost, Highly Efficient Mist and Smoke Collectors Designed Specifically for the Metalworking Industry

For the past 30 years, the Royal Filtermist has been effectively collecting oil mist and smoke generated by all types of metalworking machinery. There are currently over 150,000 Filtermist units operating in over 40 countries worldwide, making Filtermist the world's leading mist collector.

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Nexjen Tech
Smart Skim